Stepping Through to the Next Grade

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When we learn to climb, we climb instinctively, pulling with our upper bodies and really neglecting our legs. We climb as we do trees or ladders – front on. When it comes to rock climbing, this isn’t really efficient and as we deal with much smaller holds, or more complicated moves, we tire out and can easily fall off a route/boulder problem if the correct technique isn’t used.

Last month, I wrote a blog for on footwork, THE most important aspect of your climbing. If you are yet to read it, please click HERE.

Moving on from this, we have just released the second part of the series, Training for Climbing. It is on the “step-through“. This is such an important technique to use as it keeps your body weight over your feet, making your legs do the work so your hands/arms can relax. It is a fast and efficient style of climbing that will transform your climbing.

Have a read about how to perform the technique HERE.

I hope it works for you!