White Spider Climbing Competition SEND

Yesterday was the White Spider Climbing Centre‘s 2nd birthday and to celebrate, they put on SEND, a bouldering competition featuring many other twists to make it a great day out for all.

10am saw the “Fun” competition start. Now this was open to all adults and junior climbers, including performance squad members up to 14 years old.
The problems were varied and tough! Set by Percy Bishton, Yann Genoux and Evie Cotrulia the problems were always going to be of a good calibre, but the real test pieces and great competition blocs were saved for the “Elite” competitors which started at 1pm. This was open to all those that were competition climbers including squad members above the age of 14 and GB members too. They were in with a chance of winning ¬£1000 cash!!

I was there along with some of the Surrey Sports Park squad who featured both in the “Fun” and “Elite” category. For us, this was a good chance to see where we all are at the beginning of our new programme – specific weaknesses and areas¬†for improvement – ready for team and individual climbing coaching sessions.

The squad performed well and as expected had certain weaknesses, we can go away and focus on. They loved the problems and the other features – such as a Slackline masterclass and high-line, the “leap of faith”, Wild Country Crack machine, mobile pizza oven, face-painting and some great DJs.


The squad went around in little groups – Kat, Rosie and Maddy; Issy and Fin; Jake and Rob, then the older ones all seemed to muck in – Phoebe, Rachel, James and Sam.

IMG_20140913_183143 IMG_20140913_184429 IMG_20140913_183056 IMG_20140913_182853 IMG_20140913_182643IMG_20140913_182955

Each squad member had highlights, but it was great to see Issy Adams win the female youth competition (Fun) and Jake Collins come in 3rd for the males.
The older members were against adult competitors, such as Gaz Parry, Jon Partridge and Matt Cousins, so it was good for them to get beta and be inspired, as well as getting some tips for some of the problems, but non of them made the finals – next year!

IMG_20140913_182239 IMG_20140913_182416IMG_20140913_182502 IMG_20140913_182643 IMG_20140914_121311 IMG_20140913_182207

Sam did perform very well and impressed the top boys and GB team too.

Thanks to all involved in organising for making it a good competition and day out for all ages – and the setters for their great blocs!


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Achieve your goals!

2014-08-17 11.47.33

Every climber will at some point hit a plateau. You will rack your brains and keep climbing, but no change – your next grade seems just as far away.

Whether you are a relative beginner and need technique coaching, or an experienced climber trying to break the higher grades, I can help you from coaching sessions to bespoke detailed plans – specific to YOU.

I will be highlighting some case studies over the coming months, but over the last 8 months alone ALL of my clients have achieved their goals. Whether that came from technique sessions, training sessions and/or a training programme my clients have made huge improvements (safely) and continue to do so.

From youth climbers going from 5+ to onsighting 7a in 6 months, teenagers going from 7a to 8a or adults with full-time jobs breaking the key grade barriers – from 6a-7b+ and from 5-6c+ all in less than 6 months.

I have a 100% return rate and am 100% confident I will be able to help you achieve your goals too.



IMG_20140827_202651IMG_20140908_142507 IMG_20140725_212229 IMG_20140825_165122 JakeCollins Podium Rol, Paul and CAC