Training indoors for outdoors!

Training/climbing indoors is definitely where you can get stronger and fitter, but it should always be for a reason. Whether it is competitions or your next project.

If you are finding yourself climbing and want help achieving your goals outside, then get in touch by email:
Last weekend I took some of my clients on the rock (some for the first time) to put their training into practice.
We had some great performances. From first ever leads (and bold ones at that) to onsights in the 7s and a V9 (3rd go)!

Not only is it a great release from all of that training (for competitions in this case), but it also improves your climbing hugely. From the fact that the bolts aren’t every metre (this crag saw them every 4-5m) helping your mental game, but also how precise you have to be with your footwork and body movement. Everything must be better thought out.

When you return indoors again, you are amazed by how big even the smallest screw-ons are!

I love climbing outdoors more than anything else in this sport and helping others outside gives me the most satisfaction too. Even though indoor sends are great to see, realising that potential outside is even better.

Are you in need of some rock climbing coaching? Whether you are competent indoors but never led outside, you need to improve your tactics, need help with a project or want a project, feel free to email me –

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