Shoulder Impingement

Robin 7b+

Having written the injury management and prevention articles, Nina and I decided to release the series through The first part is for shoulder impingements/shoulder injuries. If you are suffering from a pain “in” your shoulder, it is definitely worth a read – click on the hyperlink here.

If you have any questions, or need video analysis to assess your climbing style to see if there are technical flaws causing damage/injuries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The next part of the series is on elbow injuries and will be highly useful for those suffering from that annoying twinge that stops you pulling hard.

6 thoughts on “Shoulder Impingement

  1. hi, recently I feel uncomfort with my right shoulder, this article is just I need.
    However, English is not my native language, so that I can’t quite understand details from the text.
    Could you please give some demostration viedos ?

    Lots thanks for this article.

      • Hi, the part I could not understand well is the “Diamond Exercise.” Especially this: “… focusing on relaxing your wrists but leading with them upwards towards the ceiling (do not lead with your elbows).”
        Could you provide a video for demo this exercise ?
        Thanks again.

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