Elbow Injuries

Golfer’s elbow? Tennis elbow?
If you are suffering from either condition, have a look at my latest article on UKClimbing.com which I wrote with Nina Leonfellner. It is a condition that WILL affect you at some point in your climbing career. I know many very competent and knowledgeable climbers that have been wiped out for 3 months, 6 months and even up to 2 years. It usually strikes when you are at your strongest, which is why people try to climb through it…this is not a good idea.

So that you understand this debilitating condition, read the article and take note of the exercises. If you add them to your strength and conditioning sessions, you will keep it at bay.

As we discuss in the article, many of your injuries occur due to poor posture and technique when climbing. If you would like to have your climbing assessed, please drop me an email on coaching@robinolearycoaching.com and we can book a video analysis session.

2 thoughts on “Elbow Injuries

  1. Great article, thanks!

    For the forearm/wrist stretches, can you clarify why these are only to be done after training of some sort? I’ve seen these before, but never with that warning, so I would be interested to know what the concern is.


    • Hi Paul, thank you for your kind words.
      Although science changes as more research is completed, currently there is a lot of evidence to support that cold stretching actually degrades soft tissues and worsens performance.
      Therefore, after a climbing session, you will be (hopefully) very warm and in perfect condition to use the stretches.
      These exercises do not have to be done after climbing, merely once warmed up. I would never do the stretches before a climbing session however (even if warmed) so that there is no fatigue when climbing – which may result in injury.

      Hope this clears it up.

      Kind regards,


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