A long-time coming, but I have finally released my online climbing coaching YouTube series on ROCUPtv on YouTube.

The purpose of this channel is to share knowledge. Initially it will start with basic principles, but I look at them in detail.

  1. Footwork for example is a topic touched on by many, but I think so many aspects are missed out. This channel will explore and share it all – think of it as your online climbing coach. There will be 6 parts to this.
  2. The I move on to movement and basic techniques – the rock over, step through, drop knee and the inside and outside flags. These are techniques I have drilled and shown to thousands of clients over the last 10 years. Essentially, everything you need to know. Again, your online and virtual climbing coach.
  3. Training: after the basics, we explore how to train. What the pros are doing, if there are any correlations and essentially providing you the information to cherry-pick what works for you.
  4. Lots to see, keep an eye out. Here are the episodes below, starting with Ep 1 March 2020…