Robin is one of the leading performance climbing coaches in the UK. He has worked with a huge range of climbers, from relative beginners to those competing and winning at national level. Over the last 5 years Robin has had a 100% return rate with his coaching sessions and seen climbers, both young and old, jump number grades in less than 6 months: 5+-7a onsighting, 6b-7b, 7a to 8a are a few to mention in 2014 alone.

If you have worked with Robin, please feel free to leave a testimonial.

4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. My son Robert has been coached by Robin now for almost 2 years, and during that time he has progressed from being a competent top rope climber indoors, through his first lead climbing experiences and on to bagging his first 7a lead indoors before his 11th birthday, and onto making the BMC Youth Climbing Series Grand Final at Ratho this year.

    These achievements would not have been possible without Robin’s support enthusiasm and coaching skills.

  2. “Robin is an extremely professional and compassionate climbing coach. He empathizes with his clients and strives to understand their needs, goals, as well as, potential limitations. He wants the best for his clients and takes the responsibility of being a coach very seriously. Robin demonstrates a high duty of care as a coach.
    He has a solid foundation of knowledge in strength and conditioning, physiology, and up to date climbing training principles, and coaching techniques. His background in coaching comes from the top of the line coaching academy, Neil Gresham’s MCA. Completing MCA ensures that his standard of climbing and coaching is top end, which means that Robin has put the hours in himself as a dedicated climber to train and work hard at furthering his climbing. He “practices what he preaches”. This is extremely honourable and desirable in a coach.
    I have screened and looked after a variety of climbers referred to me by Robin, and he is such a pleasure to work with. He is a breath of fresh air. I feel ultra confident in his abilities as a coach, and he has helped me return injured climbers successfully back to top form.
    Robin and I share a special interest in preventing injuries amongst junior climbers. He is helping me in the quest to inform juniors and their parents of safe training principles, and injury risk factors amongst the junior climbing population. All parents and climbers working with Robin should feel very confident they are receiving top quality advice and guidance.”

    Nina Leonfellner
    Sports Physiotherapist

  3. I have trained with Robin for almost one year. He has helped me tremendously with my climbing and in particular with my confidence. However, the most remarkable thing for me, was to witness Robing improving as a coach and adding new skills on top of skills in order to help you getting better with your climbing. I truly enjoy training with Robin and the way he helps me finding new limits. Thanks Robin!!!

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