On a daily basis I am either writing programmes and/or coaching clients of all ages and abilities and have been for the last 8 years. My clients vary from those relatively new to climbing, to climbers operating in the 8s (5.13b and above) and climbing V9 and upwards.
But even the best climbers have technical flaws – perhaps it is slab climbing or steep overhangs – it could be the use of heel hooks, bicycles or activating/engaging their core for example.

For an individual these things are very hard to pick up on and most climbers will not be sure what they are doing wrong or why they can’t climb a specific problem or why their training doesn’t produce the results they are after. I frequently use video analysis to solve these problems for them.

And this is where eCoach can help you – wherever you are in the world. eCoach is a remote service that means you can climb (or train), in the comfort of your own gym or at your local crag, climbing and tackling the problems that matter to you. All you have to do is send me good quality video of you climbing or training (an up to date smart phone with HD technology is good enough) and I will analyse your performance and, as I do with the clients I video myself, give you the tips on how to improve your climbing or training or crack the problem you are working on.

Together, we can break through your barriers.

For an introductory 6 weeks, I am offering this service at the following prices:
1-6 videos £15 per video
7-10 videos £10

Route Climbing
1-3 videos £20 per video

To find out more, please contact me on

Photo Credit Liam Lonsdale