Home Training Plans

As a coach, I understand that sometimes work or private life gets in the way of going to the climbing wall/gym. Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that just stops visits to them and we are forced to train at home.

Don’t stress, that isn’t an issue. Firstly, it happens to us all, but secondly it doesn’t mean you have to stop progression. You can still make gains. All of the areas you have once neglected can now be addressed with focus and intent.

Many offer generic plans. I don’t like this approach unless someone is under a strict budget and the plan is written so that it can be easily adjusted to the user. I like bespoke and individual plans as that’s who it is for – YOU. You have strengths and weaknesses that are different to me and all of my other clients. So, we need to address those weaknesses individually.

So, the ideal way to start these plans is with an assessment. We will look at all aspects from strength, power, flexibility to mobility, your anaerobic and aerobic systems. We can also look at an athletic function assessment as well (both cost £140).

From here, I collect the data and send you a report. From this report we will get a clear-cut idea of where you lie and what is holding you back from the next level. The plan is written for you, based on what you have available to you. That said, I believe every keen climber should have some basic essentials at home:

  1. Fingerboard – Tension https://www.tensionclimbing.com/product/grindstone-mk2/ or Beastmaker https://www.beastmaker.co.uk/products/beastmaker-1000-series
  2. TRX (or similar home suspension training system) https://store.trxtraining.com/
  3. Resistance bands (for S&C)
  4. Assistance bands (for assisted pull-ups, fingerboarding etc)
  5. Weighing scales – ideally analogue

Ideal equipment:

  1. Foam roller
  2. Ab roller
  3. Pull-system (for hangboard – I use 2 x Petzl Fixe pulleys)
  4. Yoga mat
  5. free weights (dumbbells and enough plates to cover 20kg on both sides and perhaps 60kg overall – for adding resistance/assistance to fingerboard sessions)
  6. Paralletes
  7. Exsurgo GStrength
  8. BFR BStrong Bands

Plans are written for you, based on your strengths and weaknesses. We will tailor them to your goals, your trips and around your limitations.

The minimum sign-up for a plan with Robin O’Leary is 6-months @£120 per month (or $160). You can either pay in one lump sum (£720 or $940) or monthly by standing order. You will get monthly to 6-weekly phases, depending on your trips/time outside and proximity to trips – also depending on what phase you are in. Typically, people want quick gains. I want you to have long-lasting gains. You will always make initial gains, and then we have to change things around to make your body keep guessing and making adaptations. Over 6 months you will see considerable improvements in all areas.

For more information, contact Robin at coaching@robinolearycoaching.com