About Robin O’Leary

Climbing is in the blood for Robin O’Leary. He has “fond” memories of being stuffed into cracks as a child whilst his dad soloed between him and his brother in the Lakes, Wales and Swanage.

At 16, Robin enrolled on an introductory course at a local wall whereby he learnt the essentials in climbing safely, however it wasn’t for many more years that Robin finally became obsessed with the world of climbing. Despite over four years of studying law at University and Law School, Robin decided to drop the corporate lifestyle pursuing a career in the sport he found so fascinating.

After several years of instructing, Robin got more involved in the niche aspect of professional coaching. Responsible for starting up the coaching facilities at Reading Climbing Centre and creating their successful Academy team, Robin joined Neil Gresham’s team of elite Masterclass Academy Coaches in July 2013. Robin was the Head Coach at the Reading Climbing Centre working with beginner, intermediate and advanced clients including some of the UK’s most talented youth competition climbers.

Since moving on from Reading, Robin now operates throughout the London and south east region, making coaching more accessible and varied for you. Alongside his coaching business, Robin also coaches the Surrey Sports Park Performance Squad with Guy Davenport. Nearly a year since starting, ALL of the squad have jumped number grades, some are now sponsored and many have won regional and national competitions.

Robin is also the head coach and consultant for Vauxwall Climbing Centre – responsible for coaching their team of coaches and writing bespoke, age specific plans for the squad. Over the last 4 months, they have made huge improvements. (2015)

As of 2016, Robin is also the Head Coach for the Tri-Services (Army, RAF and Navy) climbing teams and is training them alongside some of the biggest names in British climbing for the 2016/17 season. On top of this, Robin is also the manager and coach for the GB Paraclimbing Team. Having travelled to Italy and Austria so far, the team have come back with a number of podium places.

He has a wealth of experience with hands on coaching, but spends a lot of time working on bespoke coaching programmes enabling anyone to seek his experience and climb through the grades.

When climbing, Robin loves pushing his personal limits – seeking his weaknesses and improving upon them so that he can achieve his latest project(s). But that sense of achievement is also transferred into the realms of coaching for him. Helping others see and achieve their goals is equally rewarding and one of the reasons he got into the industry.

From his frustrated start, Robin can see the benefits coaching can have on one’s personal climbing ability. Having coached people from first time climbers to Fr9a, he is confident he can help you achieve your next goals.

Robin has clients at all levels and abilities. Some climbing fr9a and V14 others at fr5 and V1. If you want to improve, then Robin will be able to help you. Whether you want a technique session, weekly coaching sessions or a plan to take you to the next grade, get in touch: