Robin has a vast amount of experience coaching all abilities, from relative beginners to those operating in the (French and Font) 8s and at GB level. Whether you are looking for technique coaching, trying to overcome the fear of falling, master redpointing, break a plateau or looking for a training programme, there is a session/package suitable for you:

Analysis Session
Analysis sessions are for improving technique. Robin will break down your climbing and look at the flaws and inefficiencies that are holding you back from the next grade. From footwork masterclasses to “stepping-through”,drop-knees and flagging. Video analysis will be used to highlight the improvement throughout the session – 2 hours recommended. £140 1.5 hours (2:1 £200 for 1.5 hours). U18s: £120 for 1.5 hours (2:1 £180 for 1.5 hours).

Coaching Session
For those that are looking to address certain bad habits or for recurrent sessions.

If you want to master onsight climbing, redpoint tactics, the fear of falling, awkward holds, heel and toe hooks, steep rock techniques, slab climbing, dead pointing or dynamic climbing this is the session for you £160 1.5 hours (2:1 £320 for 1.5 hours). U18s: £160 for 1.5 hours (2:1 £320 for 1.5 hours).


Lattice Assessment

I am proud to be able to deliver Lattice Assessment sessions. These are only available at centres with a Lattice Board and I will mainly be delivering these at Oakwood Climbing Centre in Wokingham, Berkshire.

With Lattice, I am able to assess your climbing and we can see exactly what is holding you back from the next grade and your goals. Due to the data that the Lattice team have collected over the last 8 years, we are able to see exactly where you are in comparison to hundreds of other climbers operating at your grade. Are your fingers weaker than the average climber at your grade, stronger? Are you aerobically fit for a route climber, boulderer? Is your anaerobic system letting you down?

On top of this, we can look at your movement efficiency and your body conditioning. It really is the best assessment out there.

On top of this, the session includes a report whereby the data from your session is sent off to Lattice to be analysed. You will get a full report highlighting everything in finite detail. If you are geeky about figures and data, you will love this!

I cannot recommend this service enough.

These also lead to more accurate training plans (see below).

1.5 hours @ £200/$250 (2:1 @ £360/$400)

Training  (Assessment) Session
This is to highlight where your current levels of fitness, strength and power are based and what is needed to tackle your project(s) and break the next number grade. A must if you are looking for a training programme as it allows Robin to analyse your specific strengths and weaknesses and write a bespoke programme, just for you.
From aerobic capacity testing and anaerobic climbing, through to strength and power – Robin will address all issues including flexibility and core. It is a hard workout and one that will get you sweating and pumping out of your mind. £1600 1.5 hours (2:1 £320 for 1.5 hours).

Training Programmes
For those that are happy with their technique but want to look at achieving a specific goal/grade on their own, or for those that want to add some structure to their sessions.

These plans are completely tailored to your needs and requirements. If you have a holiday booked and you want to climb a specific route/problem or you have a competition ahead a plan can be created so that you can realise your potential. If you just want to improve for general enjoyment and fitness.

These are not generic “one size fits all” plans. The plans are created for you and only you. Your strengths and weaknesses will be considered and you will improve to achieve your goals.

I am 100% confident that I can guide you to achieve your goals. Communication, dedication and trust are important. Together we will learn more about your body than you have ever known. We will find out how it responds to different stimulus and build your plan on this basis.

Success is just as important for me as it is for you. I want you to succeed, achieve your goals and ultimately climb as hard as you can without getting injured. I have over 50 clients on plan. From hobbyists to elite athletes. All have improved and are happy with their progress.

From V2 and 6a climbers to V14 and 9a climbers. The key is you’re willing to push yourself, you’re dedicated and you want to succeed.

I’ll be there with you all of the way.

Progressive and Periodised Plans:

  1. Assessment based on athletic function and sport-specific tests/exercises to benchmark you as well as find out where your key strengths and weaknesses lie. This will form the basis of your training, alongside your schedule, goals and available equipment. £120/$155
  2. £120/$155 per month with a minimum of 6 month sign-up. When training, it is important to see how your body responds to different stimulus. This time-frame allows us to hone in on these responses and educate you how to best train for your goals. The plan comes with overall sessions, weekly schedule and data collection sheets. Over time you will learn how to look after your body and train effectively, no matter your goal.
  3. Fingerboard programmes – from £60

Coaching on the Rock
A completely bespoke experience;
If you have indoor experience but find the transition to the rock daunting, intimidating and somewhat scary – look no further. Robin will be able to break the transition down and apply what you have learnt indoors to out. A fun experience and opens the doors (literally) to a whole new world of climbing and destinations.
If you are more experienced and want help on a specific route/problem or to master your clipping/redpoint tactics, Robin will be able to help you. He can advise you on some of the best routes/problems in our country on all types of rock. A huge enthusiast for rock climbing, Robin will be able to help you surpass your goals and improve on the nuances of climbing on rock. From horrible smears to steep and thuggy.

To book or to find out more about having Robin coach you, please contact him on